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You Haven't Had Tea Till You've Tried The Classics

English Breakfast

Give a kick start to your busy morning with the most popular tea blend in the world, paired with a hearty English breakfast.


A great breakfast tea with a rich, robust, malty cup character which goes well with milk.

Darjeeling First Flush

This premium classic tea has a bright gold liquor. The taste begins on a slightly vegetal note and finishes towards a delightful floral note.

Darjeeling Second Flush

This second flush brews up a bright amber liquor & presents a fruity character with delicious notes of muscatel grapes & caramelized honey.

White Tea

Let's Keep It Light

Silver Needle

A delicately scented White tea made only from the fine tips of silver needle with a pale olive green liquor and a mildly fruity and sweet taste.

Green Tea

The Beverage Of Choice Of Asia

Lemon Green Tea

Zest of refreshing lemon and goodness of green tea, tempting for a rejuvenating sip.

Kashmiri Kahwa

A hot comforting beverage made from an exotic blend of green tea, spices and almonds, that traditionally hails from Kashmir.

Chamomile Green

A herbal blend of the finest green tea with Chamomile, a member of the sunflower family. A calming, de-stressing drink.

Classical Matcha

The hot green tea powder, sereved as per traditional japanese practices. Bursting with health benefits.


Tea, The Way India Is Used To: Spicy, Hot And Milky


The all-time favourite of all those who like their tea with a gingery edge.


Revive yourself after a hard day's work with this brew, that is spiced with gradma's secret recipe.


A rich tea brewed with indian spices served in an baked clay Kullad which adds an earthy flavour.

Strawberry Chai

An interesting combination of Stawberries in tea leaves, makes it awesome in the form of chai.

Peppermint Chai

The magic of peppermint in the form of a hot Indian Chai. Soothing.

Chataka Chai

A lip smacking taste in black tea with indian spices & seasonings. The post meal digestive tea.

Irani Chai

Every Dikra's favourite. A Irani classic chai. Thick & Rich

Speciality Teas

A Selection Of The Best The World Has To Offer

Lapsang Souchong

A black tea from China, this was the favourite of Winston Churchill. It has a smoky aroma and flavour with a Golden-coppery color in the cup.

Japanese Genmaicha

The presence of popped brown rice grains give this green tea a toasted flavour, and the name ‘popcorn tea’.

Argentinian Mate

Packed with antioxidants, this infusion is a source of vitamins and minerals.It enhances physical energy, stimulates mental clarity, aids weight loss regimens, elevates the mood and helps digestion.

South African Red Tea

This distinctive red liquor with a sweet and nutty taste is made from a South African plant, and is antioxidant-filled and caffeine-free.


Chinese Call This Semi Oxidized Bold Black Dragon


A Stylish tea, Greenish in colour with a soft and silken texture. Smooth, mildly aromatic and slightly fruity with a wonderful after-taste.

Spiced Oolong

The aromatic indian spices and the stylish Chinese Oolong, blends well for an exciting sip.


Caffine-Free And Full Of Natural Oleoresins Of Various Spices.

Himalayan Spice

Contains five Indian herbs & spices from the Himalayan valley...

Red Zen

A bright red coloured brew. This is a sweet & tart blend of Hibiscus & berries.


A handful of spices and herbs including turmeric root and ginger root that helps build immunity and cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Fruity Mate

Twist of Tangerine to the classical Argetinian Yerba Mate.


The plethora of aromas, confuses you to delight you. Caffeine Free.

Bubble Tea

Lychee bubble Tea

Fruit bubbles blast in your mouth as you sip a lychee tea cooler.

Mango Bubble Tea

Mango tea evolves in acooler avatar with quirky fruit bubbles, making it Children's favourite.

Tapioca Bubble Tea

The classical bubble tea with tapioca pearls.

Seasonal Fruit Pearl Tea

The classical coconut milk based tea with the traditional tapioca pearls.

Spiced Chai Bubble Tea

Black pearls dancing in the essence of spiced Indian Chai in a calming & soothing cold avatar.

Detox Latte Bubble Tea

Tea Guru's special Detox blend of herbs & spices in chilled milk & black pearls.

Vegan Chocolate Bubble Tea

Dark Chocoalte & Soy milk teamed up for a rich vengeance with black pearls.

Unchai Chamomile Pearl Tea

Excitement of Tapioca pearls in the thrill of Cucumber & Chamomile green tea.

Iced Tea
Cranberry Iced Tea

Blend of natural berries & flowers brewed into a chilled & refreshing drink.

Lemon and Mint Iced Tea

A classic thirst quenching, refreshing summer drink.

Stawberry Bliss

Luscious Strawberry & Green tea in a sweet & flavourful cooler.

Tea Sangria

The love of tea delicately put in the form of a tall, fizzy mocktail.

Iced Green Tea
Lavender Iced Tea

The lavender flavoured tea cooler thrills you with a scent of calmness. A green iced tea.

Peach Iced Tea

The luscious anf fruity feel of peach and apricot elevates strong bodied green iced tea.

Ginger honey Mint green ice tea

Natural beauties adds up to a refreshing cooler.

Miss Julia Iced Tea

Beauty of the rose and goodness of the green tea for a romantic mood.

Green Tea Bliss Iced

Invigorating green tea and serene jasmine brings out an experience of eternal world

Naïve Monk Iced Tea

Serenity of green tea soaked in the calmness of cucumber.

Grande Matcha and coffee cooler

Coffee & Tea contibute to diversity of flavours, served with the sweetness of Democracy. Unique and a must have.

Peanut butter Chocolate shake

The ecstacy of chocolate and the richness of peanut butter.

Brownie Waffle shake

An appealing combination of chocolate brownie waffle in a rich frappe'.

Cold Coffee

A grand classic prepared just right-unadorned and simple, allowing the purity of the ingredients to fully express themselves.

Matcha Shake

A must-try nouvelle shake, thick and rich with the punch of a Japanese Matcha.

Strawberry milk shake

Ever known and the children's favourite.

Kiwi milk shake

Its Sweet, Its Tangy, Its thick, its rich and yes…thrillingly chilled.

Better wife

A must-try nouvelle shake, thick and rich with the punch of a Japanese Matcha.

South Indian Kaapi

A sweet milky South Indian filter coffee, made from dark roasted Coorg coffee beans and chicory.


Italian coffee traditionally prepared with double espresso, and steamed milk foam.


Coffee brewed with boiling water and finely ground coffee beans, often blended from several roasts , bitter in flavour


A "wet" cappuccino with warm milk over the espresso garnished with a bit of foam on top.