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International Tea
Imperial green

Thick and strong like soft honey, this Chinese green tea has a smoky flavour.

Lapsang Souchong

This was Winston Churchill’s favourite tea. It has a smoky aroma & flavour with a golden-coppery colour in the cup.

Argentinian mate

Packed with antioxidants, this infusion is a source of vitamins and minerals. It enhances physical energy, stimulates mental clarity, aids weight loss regimens, elevates the mood & helps digestion.

Classic Matcha

Matcha a green tea powder from Japan, in the purest form is a powerhouse of antioxidants. A must try.

South African Rooibos

This distinctive red liquor with a sweet and nutty taste is made from a South African plant, and is antioxidant-filled & caffeine-free.

Darjeeling First Flush

This premium classic tea has a bright gold liquor. The taste begins on a slightly vegetal note and finishes towards a delightful floral note.

Earl Grey

This famous black tea has a citrusy flavour and aromas of Bergamot oranges. It is the perfect tea to have with a touch of honey or sugar.

Darjeeling Black

This second flush brews up a bright amber liquor & presents a fruity character with delicious notes of muscatel grapes & caramelized honey.

English Breakfast

Give a kick start to your busy morning with the most popular tea blend in the world, goes well with milk.

Assam Rich

A great breakfast tea with a rich, robust, malty cup character which goes well with milk.

Moroccan mint

Green tea speciality from Morocco, widely accepted for the coolness & goodness of peppermint.

Signature Tea
Chamomile Nirvana

This herbal tea is prepared from dried flowers, and is known to boost immunity as well as reduce stress.

Silver needle

A delicately scented White tea made from the fine tips of tea leaves. The liquor is pale olive green and is mildly fruity and sweet taste.

Oolong - Black Dragon

A stylish tea, greenish in colour with a soft and silken texture. Smooth, mildly aromatic and slightly fruity with a wonderful after-taste.

Red Zen

A home blend with a bright red coloured brew and a sweet & tarty taste of hibiscus & berries.

Herbs & spices

Contains five Indian herbs & spices from the Himalayan valley.


A handful of spices and herbs including turmeric root and ginger root that helps build immunity and cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Buttered Apple

This playful blend of fresh apple and black tea with a dash of cinnamon & honey, is a refreshing treat to our palates.

Lavender & Rose

This herbal home blend is a plethora of aromas that will surely delight you.

Orange Spice

A home blend of full bodied black tea with the finest cinnamon & sweet orange peel.

Green Tea

The Beverage Of Choice Of Asia

Kashmiri Kahwa

A hot comforting beverage made from an exotic blend of green tea, spices and almonds, that traditionally hails from Kashmir.

Lemon Green Tea

Zest of refreshing lemon and goodness of green tea, tempting for a rejuvenating sip.

Chamomile Green

A herbal blend of the finest green tea with Chamomile, a member of the sunflower family. A calming, de-stressing drink.

Ginger Green

Freshness of ginger blended with the delicacy and smoothness of green tea for a unique flavour.

Darjeeling Green

A delicate and smooth whole leaf green tea from the pristine hills of Darjeeling. A tea for all occasions, with a smooth light taste, a gentle & floral aroma with pale green liquor in the cup.

Jasmine Green

A smooth and flavoury green tea with a gentle hint of Jasmine. The perfect blend of two aromas and taste which is a lovely experience to drink.


Tea, The Way India Is Used To: Spicy, Hot And Milky


The all-time favourite of all those who like their tea with a gingery edge.

Lemongrass Chai

When brewed, this full body chai produces a lemongrass flavour and is refreshing and delicious.

Masala chai

The tannins present in tea leaves help calm and revitalize the body and the added spices boost metabolism.

Irani Chai

Every Dikra's favourite. A Irani classic chai. Thick & Rich


A rich tea brewed with indian spices served in an baked clay Kullad which adds an earthy flavour.

Mumbaiya Chai

Just the way chai is served on Mumbai streets.

Kolkata special Cha (without milk

A lemony black chai without milk.

Sukoon ki Chai

Soothing notes with the sweetness of fennel

Smoky Chai

Tea Trails take on a tandoori chai.

Kalimiri Chai

From aroma to aftertaste, this chai is powerful, tantalizingly spicy, bold and rich.

5 Spice chai

This wonder chai is a colourful blend of flavourful seeds along with tea leaves.

Royal Chai

Enjoy Royal avatar of a rich, thick chai garnished with rose petals & varak.

Gud wali Chai

Gud Ki Chai or Jaggery Tea is a hot beverage that is consumed with great excitement in Uttar Pradesh and is a Winter Treat in true sense.

Iced Tea
Cranberry Iced Tea

Blend of natural berries & flowers brewed into a chilled & refreshing drink.

Lemon and Mint Iced Tea

A classic thirst quenching, refreshing summer drink.

Stawberry Bliss

Luscious Strawberry & Green tea in a sweet & flavourful cooler.

Lychee Ginger Green

Natural beauties add up to a refreshing cooler.

Green Tea Bliss

Invigorating green tea and serene jasmine brings out an experience of eternal world.

Better Wife

A punch of tea draped in fruity flavours for a compassionate saga.

Naïve Monk

Serenity of green tea soaked in the calmness of cucumber.

Coffee Mojito

A lemony all time favourite mojioto in a new avatar.

Root Shoot

Chefs special mocktail.

Iced Latte
Coffee Latte

This coffee has life and vigour and will suit the most discerning palate.

Masala Chai Latte

A blend of freshly pound spices in milk.

Golden Latte

Goodness of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and fennel in milk.

Matcha Shake

A must-try nouvelle shake, thick and rich with the punch of Japanese Matcha.

Strawberry Thick Shake

Ever known and every childs favourite.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate

The ecstacy of chocolate and the richness of peanut butter.

Chocolate Lava Shake

An all time favourite.

Cold Coffee

A grand classic prepared just right-unadorned and simple, allowing the purity of the ingredients to fully express themselves.

Caramel Cold Coffee

Cold coffee spiked with caramel.

Hazelnut Cold Coffee

We are sure that this will be one of our best seller.

Bubble Tea
Strawberry Bubble Tea

Freshness of strawberries along with fruity bobas.

Cranberry Bubble Tea

Tea Guru's special blend of berries and flowers.

Lychee Bubble Tea

Fruit bubbles blast in your mouth as you sip a lychee tea cooler.

Mango Bubble Tea

Mango tea evolves in a cooler avatar with quirky fruit bubbles, making it every ones favourite.

Filter Coffee

A sweet milky South Indian filter coffee, made from dark roasted Coorg coffee beans and chicory.

Tea Services

The purpose of 'Tea Eats' is to enhance the experience of the food so that the chosen dish compliments well and is accentuated by the aroma and flavour of the recommended tea and vice versa. This culinary recommendation roots its idea to the notes and basic flavour elements of the key ingredients which are scattered across the dish and beverage being served to you together.

Tea Explorer Any 4 Teas

A ride across the course called TEA, from the various estates, styles & flavours to choose from. A mini tea ceremony for the Gourmand in you. Served along with Affogato or Waffle.

Smoky Tea Pairing

Smoky black teas are so intense that they pair best with equally intense food like Smoked or Tikka Sandwiches. Served along with Affogato or Waffle.

Matcha Tea Pairing

The grassy taste of tea infused Burmese tea salad is balanced with the Matcha coffee shake. Served along with Affogato or Waffle.

Mumbaiya Tea Pairing

Bun maska and this rich & thick Chai have become synonymous to a sumptuous all day favourite over the years. Served along with Affogato or Waffle.

Kullad Chai Pairing

A traditional companion, with traditional Indian deep fried snacks like onion pakoda. Taste of ethnicity reclaimed. Served along with Affogato or Waffle.

Umami Pairing

The Umami taste of the Cheese in Pizza and the Green tea in Coolers like Green Tea Bliss lced & Naive Monk Iced Tea gel well. The contrast difference in the temperature gets you attracted for the next bite and sip. Served along with Affogato or Waffle.

Hot n Cold Pairing

The citrusy cold ice tea balance the plethora of spices in the Chettinad sandwich. Served along with Affogato or Waffle.