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Tea Trails - Refreshing India with Exotic Tea Flavours
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You arrive home tired and you want something hot and fragrant to pick you up. You breathe in the fragrance of your favourite tea brewing in the kitchen. You take in the subtly rich and delicious flavour, feeling more relaxed already. That’s all you need now – a cup of freshly brewed tea, with a plate of your favourite snacks. Heaven. As soon as the magic brew touches your tastebuds, you begin to feel refreshed and your tiredness falls away. That’s the magic of tea.

Tea and You

For centuries, people from all over the world have appreciated this wonder brew in their own way. In India, we call a beverage made out of tea leaves and milk as ‘chai’. A cup of chai is magic medicine – just ask any Indian and they’ll tell you. How do you like your tea? With a side of tea sandwiches, a scone or two with butter and jam, or with hot, crisp onion pakodas? It doesn’t matter how you take your tea – what matters is that you love your tea and eats when you’re down! Or when you’re up. Or just because you just feel like it. Or when friends come over. Any time is tea time. And that’s what we’re bringing to you. Tea, anytime, with your favourite snacks, served with love and elegance.

Tea and tea trails India

TeaTrails – we are your gateway to the true celebration of this heaven-sent beverage. Before we began our journey, we did extensive research on how Indians like to take their tea and what flavours suit the Indian palette best. We launched our first outlet in Mumbai in 2013 and now we have several outlets across the country. If you love tea, you know where you want to be. TeaTrails is India’s first chain of Tea Cafés, presenting a carefully curated range of the world’s finest Teas & Eats.

Our thought: to serve and share the best Indian teas with you

Our thought process is simple – you love tea and so do we. We bring you a hand-picked, diligently curated selection of teas. We serve this tea in a colourful, peaceful and attractive café filled with lively ambience. We have helpful staff in place in every outlet who’re more than happy to share their knowledge on the teas on offer. We also offer a selection of eats along with your tea – you can choose to go all English one day, with scones and muffins, and enjoy a repast of hot pakodas and desi chai the next day.

The thing is, we’re passionate about tea and the world of tea. We travel around the globe and nose around till we locate the perfect flavours and bring them to you. That’s how particular we are.

Why You’ll Love Our Tea Cafes

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Our TeaTrails cafes are places where you bring your family, your mates, your partner, or just you. It’s a place to slap shoulders, shake hands, meet and greet and have a jolly old time, lovingly cradling a hot cup of tea in your hands. It’s your home away from home, where the tea always tastes fantastic.

Where We Are Headed?

 Franchise opportunities -Tea trails India

We have this long-term vision – a fragrant dream, you can call it. We want to take our concept of an Indian tea café around India, and familiarize people with the various flavours of tea. We will soon be in your city, wherever it is, and you can put up your feet at our friendly café and enjoy your tea. Look out for us. Want to bring TeaTrails to your city? Collaborate with us and be a part of an initiative now transforming into a movement.