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Tea Trails India- A quintessential experience of tea, eats and more
Our best teas-Tea Trails India

“If you are cold, tea will warm you If you are too heated, it will cool you If you are depressed, it will cheer you If you are excited, it will calm you” - William Ewart Gladstone

It is no secret that Indians love their tea. It is the perfect accompaniment to hot summer afternoons, as well as cold winter evenings. Drinking tea is not limited to the habit but is an experience in India. Globally too, Tea is fast becoming the most preferred drink with an estimated market value of $67,751 million by 2023.

We love tea, and we love our food. So why not blend these two. Here is

where Tea Trails India comes in!

A favorite hub of tea-lovers, Tea Trails is the first chain of dining tea cafes in India offering a line of carefully curated gourmet teas. Tea Trails Cafe began in 2012, as a combined project of a group of successful business persons and professionals. It was our goal to handpick products that would suit the Indian palate, both in terms of tea and eats! While the first outlet of Tea trails was opened in Mumbai in November 2013, today we have more than 40 stores in over ten cities across the country!

So, what makes Tea Trails India different?

At Tea Trailstea cafe, our passion for the beverage is reflected in the menu of gourmet teas we offer to our guests. The options range from hot to cold, and you can be as simple or as extravagant in your choice as you please. To put it simply, no matter what your tastes are, Tea Trails is sure to suit you well. It also offers a chance to explore the best of Ginger and lemon (the favorite amongst Indians) and explore beyond too.

If you are not sure about what to order at this extraordinary tea shop, our staff will be happy to guide you through the menu and help you select a flavor that is suited to your preferences.

Here at Tea Trails, we are passionate, not only about tea but also about the world that surrounds it. It is our honest endeavour to cater to the tastes of the Indian masses so that they can cherish a wholesome, fulfilling experience. With that in mind, our teahouse provides ambient spaces where you can peacefully gather, not just to chat and converse, but also work in serenity.

Our best teas

Tea Trails is all about tea eats and more. You can choose between classic flavors and new, experimental creations. Hot or cold, milky or black- the choices are exemplary.

Enjoy a selection of flavorsome black teas, white teas, green teas, our classic Indian chai, specialty teas, oolong, tisanes, bubble tea, iced tea, iced green tea, shakes and of course, coffee.

Choice of eats we offer

Tea eats and more-Tea Trails India

Apart from the large selection of gourmet teas, Tea Trails also offers great food options to go along with your choice of beverage. The food is prepared, keeping the likings of the Indian foodie in mind- The kind of food he likes to have his tea with.

Our food menu consists of a variety of western and Indian snacks, to suit your mood for the day. With the snacks, you can be as calorie-conscious or as indulgent as you want, picking from a selection of waffles, pakodas, open sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and nachos, salads, mains, and even desserts.

If you are dropping in for a quick breakfast, there areoptions ranging from a fragrant bowl of poha to a fresh fruit bowl of assorted goodies, and some fresh egg dishes accompanying your morning dose of tea. You can also try our tea-infused specials, to “eat” tea while you drink it!

Thanks to the overwhelming response, TeaTrails is now expanding at a mammoth pace. We are looking out for franchise partners, Master franchise collaborators who are passionate for success. It is our aim to expand our reach over the next few years, and bring the beautiful natural flavors of teas and food to a wider base of people around the country.

Contact us today for a guaranteed passionate and profitable collaboration.