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Different Types of Tea in India You Must Try AttheTea Trails Cafe
Our best teas-Tea Trails India

What do you crave most, coming back home after a long and tiring day at the office? Or say, how do you start your day with renewed energy?

A steaming hot cup of aromatic liquid ambrosia i.e. “tea” is all you need!

Now, in order to leverage the power that lies in a cup of hot tea and to offer more to the tea aficionados, Tea Trails cafe curated the most eclectic types of tea.

Tea trailscafe founded by a group of budding entrepreneurs, has quite revolutionized the concept of tea varieties in India. And after starting off with Mumbai, this gourmet chain created by the tea wizards has developed successful branches in many states of the country today.

What are some of the must-try tea varieties offered by Tea trails cafe?

If you never got the chance to lose yourself in the amazing fragrance and flavor of different type of tea then grab the next chance you get and try these for sure:

• Let us start with the classics, the black tea

When talking about tea, it is impossible to overlook the raw and unsweetened concoction. Whether it is the English breakfast tea that you cannot do without or the best Indian teas, you will find them all. Try the Darjeeling first flush or second flush variants that are hugely popular. A cup of black tea is not just flavorful in itself but also highly rejuvenating.

• For sophisticated souls, it is the classy white tea

If white tea is something that you had been dying to taste, then here it is available in this café! White tea is considered classy all over the world, for its delicate scent. Made from the fine tips of the silver needle leaves, it renders a fruity aftertaste sounds interesting, isn’t it?

• Green tea for the fitness enthusiasts

If you have never been a fan of green tea, then be ready to change that feeling forever! The green tea varieties available at Tea Trails Cafe will bowl you over. To get instantly energized, order a lemon green tea filled with tangy flavors and lemon zest. Or the chamomile tea, a true weight loss tea, an herbal variant of the green tea which also helps to de-stress.

• Embrace the good old conventional chai

The typical Indian chai doesn’t need an introduction. In this awesome café, you will get it in various traditional flavors like adrak chai and masala chai; and if you love a twist in the tale, go for their strawberry chai!

• The exotic and trending bubble tea

Before you get all confused, the bubble tea is the beautiful amalgamation of the traditional Indian chai with flavored coolers like lychee, mango, and tapioca. This is a recent innovation and is already a smash hit, mostly among youngsters.


Apart from these few types of tea, you can also try out the most eclectic collection of gourmet teas. To open up a whole new world of flavors, you must visit Tea Trails café.